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Date:2017年9月21日 16:56
OMC is the largest professional hairstylists’ organization in the world and is responsible for hosting a this specialcompetition for those who thrive both in their careers and in the competitive hairdressing realm. With over 50
member countries and over 2,000,000 individual members worldwide, this is a competition that will lure 1,000 of the
most competitive participants in the industry on a global scale.
“We have come a long way since the hairdressing and beauty industry started international competitions in 1946,” says Salvatore Fodera, OMC World President.
“The events have become ever more exciting and meets the highest standards. I think we are on the right path. One thing is very particular to our industry – every hairdresser loves his/her profession.
I would propose to every hairdresser to go ahead, improve the standard. If there is any change to make, it would be
to become even better.”
OMC Hairworld 2017 World Cup (September 17-18, Porte de Versailles, Paris) offers the best of international hairdressing in terms of creativity and technical skill, and is always a huge draw. OMC Hairworld offers a global
platform to all competitors of the beauty sector of Hair, Aesthetics and Nails to become World Champions in their
own field among competitors from the 5 continents. An amazing treat this year is the Sassoon Academy show by
the amazing duo Edward Darley & Mark Hayes in the final Awards Ceremony and the Gordon Miller’s Social Beauty
keynote during the OMC General Assembly.

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