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Highlight Replay of 2018 MCB & OMC World Cup

Date:2018年9月21日 11:41

Highlight Replay of 2018 MCB & OMC World Cup



As MCB and OMC World Cup Paris 2018 came to an end in Paris, Yingfei Hair and its “Feicai” mannequin head finished another remarkable presence in the spotlight of the world stage.




Not only guest visitors from all around the world, but also OMC competitors of different countries were attracted to Yingfei Hair’s stand.







Known as the World Cup of hairdressing and cosmetic industry, the OMC competition featured the combination of skill and art.



(Chinese team member Yulong Jiao won the 3rd place on the ladies commercial cut section, with the competition mannequin head of Yingfei Hair’s Feicai brand.)



(The hosting French team won the 1st place, using Feicai competition heads as well.)







Here are some competitors’amazing works.




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